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Dazzle Hollywood Video
Dazzle's products, are plug-and-play devices that focus on applications for creating and editing digital video and photos via Hollywood DV Bridge.
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Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge Name:
Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge




Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge
The Universal Solution for Converting and Editing Analog and DV Video!!
With Hollywood DV-Bridge, you can convert your old VHS tapes to high quality DV video. The video world is moving from analog to DV and converting your video to DV ensures it will be around for the future in a standardized high quality format. You can also convert your DV video to analog. This makes it easy to send video tapes to people with analog VCRs. You can even take clips from your analog and DV tapes and combine them into one master production. With Hollywood DV-Bridge, you edit your video in the DV format which means you won't lose any video quality in the editing process. Hollywood DV-Bridge is the universal solution for converting and editing analog and DV video.

Hollywood DV-Bridge Hardware

Key Features

  • Capture Analog or DV Video - Hollywood DV-Bridge makes it simple to connect all your video devices. Connect any camcorder, TV or VCR to capture video to your computer. (DV Capture on PC Only)
  • Edit in DV Video Format for Quality and Speed - Hollywood DV-Bridge converts video to the DV format for editing. Editing in DV ensures you will not loose video quality during the editing process and is faster than editing in other formats.
  • Convert Analog Video to DV - Hollywood DV-Bridge converts video from analog video to DV. DV is the format of the future. Archiving video in DV ensures it will be around in a high quality standardized format. Make multiple copies of a DV video without losing video quality from one generation to the next.
  • Convert DV Video to Analog - Hollywood DV-Bridge also converts video from DV to analog. Analog devices such as VCRs and analog camcorders are the most common devices in the market so converting video to analog makes it easy to share video.
  • Convert Video Without a PC - Connect an analog and DV camcorder to Hollywood DV-Bridge and you can convert from Analog to DV and DV to analog without the use of a computer.
  • Monitor Video From a TV - Hollywood DV-Bridge makes it easy to view your video on a TV monitor while you are transferring it to the computer. No need to squint to see your video in a small window on your computer monitor; see it in full screen on a TV to cue your video or to check out the quality.
  • Works with FireWire-enabled PCs and Macs - Hollywood DV-Bridge works with FireWire (1394)-enabled PCs and Macs.

Hollywood DV-Bridge Software Suite (PC Only)

  • Dazzle MovieStar 5: Easy but Powerful Video Editing
    Dazzle MovieStar 5 makes capturing, editing and sharing your video easy, but it doesn't leave out the powerful features you want. MovieStar 5's drag and drop interface lets you do almost any video editing task in 3 mouse clicks or less. With MovieStar 5 you can choose the straightforward Storyboard view to organize your project or you can use the precise Timeline view. Cut out unwanted parts of your video with a few mouse clicks. Add scrolling titles and credits into your video. Add 3D transitions to give your video Hollywood-style cuts between scenes. Choose from a wide range of special effects to spice up your video. MovieStar 5 supports Background Rendering, Fast Rendering and Smart Rendering to make processing your video fast. And with MovieStar 5's customized video codecs, you can be assured you will get the best video quality possible. MovieStar 5 has a built-in CD burning feature to allow you to record Video CDs and S-Video CDs of all your video footage. MovieStar 5 also allows you to make Real MediaTM or Windows® Media internet-ready streaming videos. Then upload them for free to the Dazzle Webcasting site to share streaming video across the Internet.

  • Dazzle DVD Complete (Standard Edition): Author your own DVDs
    With DVD Complete it's easy to make DVDs which look like they were designed by a team of professionals in a Hollywood movie studio. DVD Complete takes the complexity out of technology without taking the features out of the technology. With DVD Complete's project wizard, your are guided through the five simple steps to go from camcorder to DVD disc. Capture video and have it automatically converted to crystal clear DVD quality M PEG-2 video. Add interactive menus with multiple scenes, background audio and scrolling credits. Choose one theme and have the backgrounds, selection buttons, jewel case inserts and labels for the DVD disc all automatically updated with the same graphical look and feel. Then just record to a DVD recorder. Don't have a DVD-recorder yet? With DVD Complete you can also record your movie to a CD using a CD-Recorder. Want to get your hands dirty and change any aspect of your creation? You can design things from scratch or make minor changes to what's there. With DVD Complete, you are the Hollywood Director and DVD Complete is your team of videographers, graphic artists and computer programmers. All you need to know is what you like and DVD Complete will do the rest.

  • Dazzle OnDVD: Create Digital Photo Albums for Your DVD Player
    Take your digital pictures and turn them into photo albums that can be played on your home DVD player! Digital cameras allow you to take an unlimited number of photographs that quickly pile up on your computer and become difficult to manage. Where can you keep them all, and how do you keep from losing them? You can save the plain old files on a CD, but then you can just view them on your computer. With OnDVD, you can take your digital pictures, add background audio and make photo albums for your DVD player! Simply select and arrange your photos on the timeline, touch up your photos with the integrated photo editing software, add background audio and burn a CD. OnDVD makes it simple to turn your digital pictures into digital photo albums!

    And what if you want reprints? Just like saving the original negatives of your photographic prints, OnDVD keeps a copy of each original, high quality digital photograph on the CD itself. Favorite photos can easily be turned into photographic prints ready to be framed for years of display. You can even share your photo albums over the Internet through the Dazzle Webcast Theater. OnDVD makes it simple to turn your thousands of digital pictures into digital photo albums that can be enjoyed and shared for a lifetime


  • CPU: 500MHz or higher Pentium II
  • Operating System: Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP
  • RAM: 128MB
  • Video: 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, 24-bit color
  • Sound: PC Must Have Sound Card
  • Interface: 1394/FireWire
  • CD Burner: For VCD, S-VCD, cDVD Creation
  • DVD Burner (All Formats): For DVD Creation

Video Resolution

  • NTSC: Up to 720 x 480
  • PAL: Up to 720 x 576

Video Format:

Capture Formats:

  • DV

Convert Video to:

  • MPEG-2, DVD, S-VCD
  • MPEG-1, VCD
  • AVI, DV
  • Real Media™, Windows Media™
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