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Carrara Studio 2, 3D Modeling and Animation Name:
Carrara Studio 2, 3D Modeling and Animation

Product Information

No additional packages are necessary to create professional 3D for the Web, Print and Video. Main features include: five rendering engines, seven different modelers, multiple animation tools, advanced shader editor, special effects, sky environments, and over a thousand high-quality 3D models and textures.

Beginners and advanced users will love Carrara Studio 2's usability and price. Each step of the 3D creation process is divided into separate "rooms". These include Assembly, Modeling, Texturing, Rendering and Animation. And since accessibility also means saving money, Carrara Studio 2 still remains at the same remarkably attractive price.

High quality documentation, interactive tutorials and a simple yet powerful user interface help create a remarkably smooth learning curve. All steps from design to rendering are optimized for real-time feedback and manipulation. Users can work confidently with Carrara Studio 2 knowing that its features and file formats are today's standard in the fields of Web, print and video applications.

Key Points and Benefits

Animate - Create 3D animations with ease
• Time-line Based Animation
• Interactive Keyframing
• Bones Skinning
• Motion Paths
• Physics & Behaviors
• Story Board
• Inverse Kinematics

Assembly - Build complete 3D scenes in real-time
• 900 3D Objects
• Particle System
• Volumic Sky Simulation
• 3D Light Effects & Lens Flares
• Object Deformation
• Interactive 3D
• Multiple 3D Views
• SmartFlow

Model - Use one of the 7 modelers or import
• Metaball Modeling
• Terrain Modeling
• Text Modeling
• Subdivision Modeling
• Bezier Patch Modeling
• Polygon Modeling
• NURBS Modeling
• Adobe Illustrator Import

New Features in Version 2
• Ultra realistic rendering using Photon Maps
• Bones Skinning
• Subdivision Modeling
• Native MAC OS X Version
• A Wealth of Improvements in Usability, Stability and Productivity

Render - Use one of 5 professional renderers
• Zbuffer
• Cartoon Renderer
• Ray Tracer & Hybrid Ray Tracer
• Global Illumination (Photon Maps)
• Depth of Field & Motion Blur
• Radiosity
• Caustics
• Sky Dome & Environment Illumination

Texture - Change the appearance of your models
• Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Shaders
• Procedural Shaders
• Bump Mapping
• Multi-Channel
• Projection Mapping
• Highlight, Shininess, Glow
• Reflection, Transparency, Refraction
• UV Mapping

Features and Details

Use one of the 7 modelers to create an infinite variety of 3D objects, including organic models, buildings, 3D texts and logos, realistic terrains, life-like characters and complex models. Import your favorite files from industry-standard formats such as 3DS, DXF, RDS, OBJ, Adobe Illustrator and many others.

3D Assembly
Build complete 3D scenes in real-time using your own objects or choose from 900 high-quality 3D models supplied with Carrara Studio's extensive collection. Achieve spectacular results with the added realism of complete Sky Environments, and special effects like Lens Flares, advanced light effects, object explosions or Particle Systems.

Texture Enhancements
Change the appearance of your models with hundreds of ready-to-use textures. Generate a multitude of 2D/3D textures such as marble, wood, metal, water or fire with the advanced Shader Editor. Import movies and images such as Adobeฎ Photoshopฎ, JPEGs, GIFs, QuickTimeฎ and AVI files to create advanced shaders, featuring Bump Mapping, Transparency, Reflection, Glow and more.

High-Quality Animation
Create high-quality 3D animations with ease, from professional videos to animated logos and animations for the Web. Apply predefined Behaviors to your objects or use Carrara Studio's unique Storyboard feature to intuitively and instantly create simple animations, or compose more elaborate movies using Character Animation, Physics or Inverse Kinematics.

Professional Rendering
Use Carrara Studio's 5 renderers for professional quality videos and high-resolution images in a variety of styles, including Global Illumination, ultra-fast Ray Tracer, Cartoon Rendering, and more. Easily apply special effects such as Motion Blur and Depth of Field, and output your work using industry standard formats such as Adobe Photoshop, QuickTime, AVI, GIF, TIFF and JPEGs.

Ultra Realistic Rendering
Photon Maps are the first algorithm capable of a truly global approach to image rendering. This feature combines, in a single rendering engine, all the strengths of the previous two best approaches: Ray Tracing and Radiosity. Using a truly remarkable rendering approach, Carrara Studio 2's Photon Maps are able to compute the Global Illumination of a whole 3D scene. This adds a wealth of rendering features: Phong Shading, Reflection, Refraction, Radiosity (including diffuse lighting, color bleeding, etc.), Caustics (light reflection and refraction), Area light emitters (with no limitation on geometry and complexity), Sky dome Illumination and Environment Illumination.

Bones Skinning
Bones let the user modify, deform and animate objects or a group of objects in real time in order to create realistic characters. The Bones feature is as simple to use as playing with a puppet. As always, Carrara Studio brings you a high-end feature yet with a very simple and straightforward interface. The task of attaching bones to an existing 3D object, known as the Bone Setup, has been also simplified. Unlike competing products, Bone Setup can be achieved in a matter of minutes instead of hours. By automatically calculating influence zones and helping the placement of the bones Carrara Studio has made such ease of use possible.

Subdivision Modeling
Subdivision Modeling allows the design of complex and highly detailed Characters. Thanks to the use of simplified polygonal objects automatically subdivided to add details, this approach greatly simplifies the modeling of easily animated realistic characters.

Usability, Stability and Productivity
Because Eovia knows that some of most important features of its products are their ease of use and stability, numerous efforts have been made to improve features that are not always very visible. Such improvements include an enhanced object selection tool, Free and Volumic particle system, new Physics Engine, and enhanced Anti-Aliasing.

Requirements and Specifications

3D File Import and Export
• 3DS (Win)
• 3DMF
• RDS (import only)
• VRML 2 (export only)

File Formats
• BMP (Win)
• Corel PHOTO PAINT (Win)
• PCX (Win)
• Adobe Photoshop 2.5
• Targa TGA (Win)
• Adobe Illustrator
• PICT (Mac)
• True Type fonts
• QuickTime
• Sequenced Image Output (for all 2D file types)

System Requirements - Mac OS 8/9
• Power Macintosh G3 266Mhz or better
• Mac OS 8.1 or later (Mac OS 9.1 or later recommended)
• 128 MB of Physical RAM
• 16-bit Color Display (24-bit recommended)
• 3D graphics accelerator card recommended
• CD-ROM Drive
• 100 MB free hard drive space

System Requirements - Mac OS X
• Power Macintosh G3 266Mhz or better
• MacOS X 10.1 or later
• 128 MB of Physical RAM
• 24-bit Color Display
• 3D graphics accelerator card recommended
• CD-ROM Drive
• 100 MB free hard drive space

System Requirements - Windows
• Pentium II 300 MHz or better
• Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP or Windows NT 4.0
• 64 MB Physical RAM (128 MB recommended)
• 16-bit Color Display (24-bit recommended)
• 3D graphics accelerator card recommended
• CD-ROM Drive
• 100 MB free hard drive space


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