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Sorenson Media Sqeeze 4
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Squeeze 4.5 for Flash MX: Mac/Win CD Name:
Squeeze 4.5 for Flash MX: Mac/Win CD

Squeeze 4.5 Compression Suite

Sorenson Squeeze Suite 4 is the industry-leading video encoding tool, enabling users to efficiently re-purpose video content for web, CD or DVD applications.

Includes Sorenson Video 3 Pro, Sorenson Spark Pro, Sorenson MPEG-4 Pro and Sorenson AVC Pro video codecs.

Supports the On2 VP6 Pro Encoder plugin (sold separately). VP6 is included as part of the Squeeze Compression Suite PowerPack.

Key New Features in Squeeze Compression Suite 4.5

    * Up to 3x speed boost while encoding and preprocessing
    * Improved H.264
    * 3GPP and PSP output support
    * Meta data input and output for Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media, MPEG-4, and MP3
    * Universal Binaries for Mac OS X on Intel
    * DVD disc burning
    * New and improved encoding presets
    * Enhanced preferences
          o Set default output location
          o Set the encoding thread priority

Why Squeeze?

Squeeze's single pane interface allows you to compress video without detailed knowledge of codecs or compression settings.

Sorenson continues its leadership in video quality giving novices and professionals the features required to "squeeze" quality into every bit. If you want quality, you only need to know one word: Sorenson.

Productivity and Workflow
While keeping life simple for the professional and amateur compressionist, Squeeze also integrates seamlessly with leading video production applications and finished work distribution options. Be it one file or multiple, Squeeze's optimum workflow will minimize the amount of time spent on the compression task.

User Interface
Squeeze's simple to understand layout offers individual customization and shortcut keys where you need them. Squeeze works the way you want it to.

Input and Publish
Sorenson Squeeze is the leader for importing and publishing video to the most popular formats in the video industry. Squeeze can easily import digitized video files, reference movies, or capture from DV cameras. Once inside of Squeeze you can easily publish video into the format of your choice and have it automatically sent to an application, to another location on your network, or uploaded to the web via FTP.

Cross Platform
Squeeze works the same on either Mac or Windows platforms. Learn it once, apply it many times, regardless of your OS preference.

Video compression is as easy as 1, 2, 3:
1. Open an uncompressed video file
2. Select an intelligent preset
3. Press "Squeeze It"


Achieve the best audio and video quality on the desktop and maximize the impact of your media with Sorenson Squeeze.

    * One-Pass Variable Bit Rate (VBR) compression
      One-Pass VBR compression reduces processing time to non-VBR standards while delivering only slightly lower quality than Two-Pass VBR compression.
    * Two-Pass Variable Bit Rate (VBR) compression
      Squeeze supports Two-Pass VBR, which produces higher-quality video than standard compression while only adding slightly more processing time.
    * High Definition (HD) encoding options
      Squeeze includes High Definition (HD) encoding options for AVC/H.264, Flash, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime, RealMedia, and *Windows Media.
    * Audio and video filters
      With Squeeze, users get maximum flexibility with advanced control of audio/video parameters such as:
          o Audio normalization
            Squeeze analyzes your audio to find the loudest sound and then adjusts the audio to maximum volume.
          o Contrast/brightness
            Contrast changes the range of dark to light pixels in a linear fashion. Brightness makes the image lighter or darker. These two filters can improve the compression quality.
          o Deinterlacing
            Squeeze's deinterlacing feature can make your video look better by removing interlacing artifacts caused by the two fields per frame nature of conventional video.
          o Fade in/out
            Fade in/out lets you create a black or white fade segments at the beginning or end of your movie.
          o Telecine removal
            Telecine removal maintains video quality by removing the extra frames that are added (3:2 pull down) when film (24 frames per second) is transferred to video (30 frames per second).
          o Video noise reduction
            The video noise reduction feature reduces video noise in your content without causing it to look fuzzy. Reducing noise can increase video encoding quality.
          o White/black restore (with image smoothness slider)
            Squeeze gives you the option to control the levels of white and black in your video.


Productivity and Workflow

Squeeze provides powerful features that allow you to streamline your workflow and maximize your job throughput.

    * Up to 3x faster encoding
      Squeeze 4.5 encodes up to 3x faster than Squeeze 4.3. Improvements have been made in On2 Flash, MPEG-2 and many pre-processing features.
    * Native MacIntel support
      MacOS X on Intel processors is supported natively.
    * FLV player
      The new Sorenson Media FLV player makes it possible to play and preview all of your encoded FLV files. Clicking the play button on encoded FLV files from within the batch window in Squeeze automatically launches the FLV player for instant previewing of the FLV.
    * Improved, easy to edit Flash player skins templates for SWF and FLV
      Easily customize and change the look and feel without adding a great deal of file size to video projects. These new FLA files are easy to edit in Flash with easy to follow documentation.
    * Linked or embedded FLV option for SWF
      Squeeze now follows Macromedia's recommended method for linking to an FLV from SWF files by default. This feature also makes it possible to have player controls for an FLV that is located on a remote server.
    * Metadata encoding/passthrough
      Meta data input and output for Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media, MPEG-4, and MP3.
    * Source pixel aspect ratio control
      Squeeze now automatically detects the source file's pixel aspect ratio. The user can use the source pixel auto detection or they can define the sources pixel aspect ratio manually.
    * Integration
          o DVD
                + Send to DVD Authoring
                  Squeeze sends the encoded video clip directly to Avid DVD by Sonic on Windows and DVD Studio Pro on the Mac.
                + Chapter Markers for DVD
                  Now Avid users are able to transfer chapter markers to Squeeze or even set up and edit chapter markers directly within Squeeze.
                + Directly Burn DVD Disks
                  Now Avid users are able to transfer chapter markers to Squeeze or even set up and edit chapter markers directly within Squeeze. Squeeze will also store the encoded DVD image to a hard drive for burning by a different burning application.
          o Flash
                + Alpha channel support for Flash 8 (requires On2 VP6 codec)
                  Support for a real alpha channel at run-time. This revolutionary new capability provides the unique ability to overlay video composited with a transparent (even semi-transparent) alpha channel over other Flash content. Create dynamic presentations with presenters shot in front of a blue screen.
          o Optional tasks dialog
            The publish dialog let you send encoded media directly to an FTP site, a new location on your hard drive, burning to DVD, or even open the file in a new application.
          o Transport Streams for HDV, DVHS, and broadcast television
            Several transport streams types have been enabled within Squeeze 4.5 so that users can leverage the latest formats.
    * Batch processing at job, source, and output levels
      Squeeze lets you process multiple video clips efficiently via the new batch processing window. Apply your settings at the job, source or even output level to quickly prepare multiple video clips at the same time.
    * Integrated links for Flash (SWF) output
      This feature allows ActionScript variables to be encoded as part of the video and Flash Player templates.
    * Multi-Bit-Rate file creation for Windows Media** and RealMedia
      Create a single file with all of the common data rates. Visitors to the Web site, who access your file will receive the appropriate data rate for their connection speed.
    * Ability to constrain output file sizes
      Squeeze allows you to request a final target output file size and then automatically adjusts the compression settings to reach the desired file size.
    * Adjustable cropping
      Squeeze's cropping ability allows you trim the edges of your video and to quickly "cut out" undesirable areas within your video.
    * Audio import
      Squeeze lets you select an audio track to encode with your video file.
    * Duplicate source button
      With the new duplicate source button you can quickly add multiple output options with just a few clicks.
    * DV capture
      Squeeze captures digital video through any DV source, whether it is a digital video camera or an analog-to-digital converter.
    * In/out trim points
      With the in/out trim points you can remove unwanted video at the beginning and end of your video.
    * Multiple Watch Folders with multiple output options
      Set up several different Watch Folders for multiple output options on your computer or even your network to streamline your workflow. Squeeze supports output for multiple formats including QuickTime, *Windows Media (7, 8, and 9), RealMedia, Flash, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 media for streaming, progressive downloads, CDs, and even DVDs.
    * Standard NLE shortcut keys
      Use the NLE shortcut keys to quickly implement standard keyboard controls that are used in other popular video applications.

User Interface

Squeeze provides an easy to use interface while still giving all of the controls that professionals demand.

    * Ability to save audio and video filter settings
      Squeeze not only enables you to adjust the audio and video filter settings, but it also lets you to save your own settings for future projects.
    * Ability to save a project
      Squeeze now enables you save your uncompleted project so that you can work on it at a later time.
    * Customizable interface layout
      Customize the Squeeze 4 interface to fit your workflow needs. Simply minimize or close windows that you do not need and expand windows that you do need.
    * Filter preview slider
      Use the Squeeze filter preview slider to view your filter setting changes before you encode your video.
    * Modeless filter dialog
      The new modeless filter dialog allows you to edit your filters and view the results of those changes (via the preview slider) without closing the dialog box.
    * Detachable and resizable preview window
      Detach and resize the video preview window or move it to a second monitor! Squeeze will remember where you drag and drop the windows.
    * Video zoom tool for pixel-perfect cropping
      With the new zoom tool you can make sure that you crop only the pixels you don't need.
    * In/out preview markers
      Leverage the new in/out preview markers to select a section of your video clip to preview the encoding.




    * AAC
    * AIF/AIFF
    * ASF
    * AVI
    * DV
    * MOV
    * MP3
    * MPEG-1
    * MPEG-2
    * MPEG-4
    * WAV
    * *WMA
    * *WMV


Video Encoders:

    * QuickTime compatible video codecs including Apple's H.264
    * MPEG-1
    * MPEG-2
    * MS ISO MPEG-4 Video 1
    * MS MPEG-4
    * On2 VP6 Pro Plugin support
          o Support for the On2 VP6 Pro codec with 2-pass and VBR encoding for Flash is now available as a plugin from Sorenson Media. This codec provides superior video quality that is competitive with today's best video codecs at a much smaller file size.
    * RealVideo 8, 9, and 10
    * RealVideo G2 (with SVT)
    * Sorenson Video 3 Pro
    * Sorenson AVC Pro (for MPEG-4 encoding)
    * Sorenson MPEG-4 Pro (for Visual Simple Profiles and Visual Profile encoding)
    * Sorenson Spark Pro (for Flash MX and Flash MX Professional encoding)
    * Windows Media Screen 7
    * Windows Media 7, Windows Media 8, Windows Media 9

Audio Encoders:

    * aac Audio
    * aacPlus Audio
    * ACELP RealAudio
    * ADPCM
    * QuickTime compatible audio codecs
    * ****Cook RealAudio
    * Fraunhofer MP3
    * MPEG Layer 1
    * MPEG Layer 2
    * MPEG PCM
    * Qdesign Music Codec 2
    * QUALCOMM PureVoice
    * Uncompressed Audio
    * **Windows Media ACELP
    * *Windows Media Audio 8


    * aacPlus
    * AAC
    * AIFF
    * DV
    * DVD
    * DVD disk burning
    * Sony PSP
    * 3GPP
    * FLV (Sorenson Spark, and ***On2 VP6)
    * HD for MP1, MP2, MP4, and RealMedia
    * MOV
    * MP3
    * MPA
    * MPG (MP1 and MP2)
    * MP4 AVC (H.264)
    * MPV
    * ****RM
    * SVCD
    * SWF
    * VCD
    * WAV
    * WMV

System Requirements

Prior to installing Squeeze, make sure your computer meets or exceeds the following system requirements.


    * Pentium III-based PC or greater
    * Windows 2000 or XP (with latest patches and updates)
    * 128 MB of RAM
    * 40 MB available hard disk space
    * QuickTime 7 or later
    * DirectX 9.0b or later
    * Microsoft Windows Media Format Runtime


    * Power PC with G4 processor or greater or Intel processor
    * Mac OS 10.3 or later
    * 128 MB of RAM
    * 90 MB available hard disk space
    * QuickTime 7 or later

* Mac users must have the Flip4Mac plugin from Telestream.
* Windows only feature
* Plugin sold separately
* Not available on MacOS X on Intel processors


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