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Sorenson Media Sqeeze 4
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Card Only Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL 2000 Card Name:
Card Only Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL 2000 Card

Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL bundles Sorenson's hardware-based real-time HD encoding engine with Squeeze Compression Suite PowerPack--achieving the ultimate in speed and flexibility.

Why SqueezeHD XCEL?

High speed, high definition video encoding
If you require HD output but your workflow requires faster compression than software alone can handle then Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL is for you. SqueezeHD XCEL couples real-time HD MPEG-2 and H.264/AVC file encoding with the convenience and simplicity of Sorenson Squeeze. The result allows you to encode Sorenson-quality HD MPEG-2 content in real time, even for 1920x1080 content.  AVC encoding is 1/3 of real time for 1920x1080 resolution.

Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL applies more than 16,000 parallel processing hardware elements to accelerate Squeeze's key processor-intensive encoding tasks, such as motion estimation and image transforms. By offering a hardware-based solution to HD encoding, SqueezeHD XCEL maintains the simplicity of single-machine encoding while delivering ultra-fast performance.

Resolution-independent, future proof, software defined solution
Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL is 100% software-programmable, providing a future-proof Upgrade path for acceleration of advanced HD encoding standards such as Windows Media/VC1. The product is also resolution-independent so your SD content will experience the same relative speedup as does your HD content.

Includes all the great features of Sorenson Squeeze PowerPack
Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL also includes all of the features of Sorenson Squeeze PowerPack. PowerPack includes features such as batch mode encoding, multiple format support, Web video output, watch folders, command line control and more.

System Requirements:

Prior to installing Squeeze, make sure your computer meets or exceeds the following system requirements. 


    * Dual Xeon 3.8 GHZ
    * Windows XP 32-bit OS
    * 4GB RAM
    * nVideo FX 1400 PCIe graphics card or ATI 1900 XTX
    * 250GB SATA system disk
    * 4x146GB 10K U320 SCSI hard disks in software Raid0 configuation
    * QuickTime 7 or later
    * DirectX 9.0b or later
    * Microsoft Windows Media Format Runtime


    * SqueezeHD XCEL is currently only available on Windows


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