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Poser 5, 3D-Character Design and Animation  Name:
Poser 5, 3D-Character Design and Animation

Product Information

Poser 5 is the ultimate 3D-character design and animation tool for artists and animators. Create 3D Figures using a diverse collection of ready-to-use 3D human and animal models. Poser's innovative interface makes figure design, posing and animating fast and easy. Map facial photos, grow and style dynamic hair, and create dynamic cloth to add extraordinary realism to your figure. Quickly output movies and images from your posed figures for content in Web, print, and video projects. Add life to your 3D worlds using exported, posed figures. For those new to 3D, digital artists and hobbyists alike, Poser 5 quickly generates fast and dynamic results that will leave you speechless.

Key Points and Benefits

Poser 5 delivers all of these NEW features
• New highly accurate male, female and children figures; all fully poseable and with photo-realistic textures.
• Map facial photos to add that personal touch to your figure.
• Use Morph Putty to directly manipulate facial expressions.
• Grow dynamic hair that can be styled and animated. Make it thick or thin, straight or curly, or even use it to create realistic fur or grass.
• Create realistic dynamic cloth and make it flow and drape around any object in your scene.
• Build powerful node-based material shaders to create any material texture you can imagine.
• Produce astounding results with FireFly, Poser 5's all-new hybrid micro-polygon and Ray Trace render engine with subdivision surface rendering of polygons.
• The Poser 5 Content CD contains a host of extras, including props and textures.

Features and Details

Firefly Renderer enables:
Render-time polygon smoothing

Firefly Renderer enables:
Displacement mapping

Firefly Renderer enables:
3D motion blur

Firefly Renderer enables:
Depth of field

Firefly Renderer enables:
Procedural textures

Firefly Renderer enables:
Shader Trees with material nodes

Firefly Renderer enables:
Ray Traced refraction and reflection

Firefly Renderer enables:
Dynamic Hair with growth, styling and physics controls

Firefly Renderer enables:
Dynamic Cloth with physics and parameter-controlled attributes

Firefly Renderer enables:
Photo-based facial mapping, with a database of scanned 3D human heads and textures

Firefly Renderer enables:
Morph Putty™ tool for interactive sculpting of morph targets, and direct manipulation of facial expressions

Firefly Renderer enables:
Hierarchical Parameters Palette with parameter grouping functionality

Firefly Renderer enables:
Hierarchical Libraries with support for multiple Runtime folders

Firefly Renderer enables:
All new highly accurate 3D human figures with fully articulated hands and feet, featuring photo-realistic texture maps and facial morphs from Runtime DNA

Firefly Renderer enables:
Collision Detection

Firefly Renderer enables:
Content Paradise portal for in-Poser 5 access to online content resources

Requirements and Specifications

• Windows 98, 2000, ME or XP
• 500MHz Pentium class or compatible (700Mhz or greater recommended)
• 128MB system RAM (256MB recommended)
• 24-bit color display, 1024 x 768 resolution
• 500MB free hard disk space
• Internet connection required for Content Paradise


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